21 January 2019

I'm way too excited to not share this with you! I'm doing a happy dance, delighted with my progress, taking on these chapters myself! If you want the job done... 💃💃💃

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17 January 2019

This is me, stocking up for the next couple of weeks... ☕ Editing your own book is no joke!! And a message to whoever roasted those first coffee beans: "You save lives,…

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15 January 2019

I'm delighted to say that I'm currently busy editing the very first book I started writing in 2016! THE SHADOW OF TODAY. This is a little teaser of chapter 5.…

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12 January 2019

THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED! So, Christmas has come and gone! What to do with a Christmas tree that you can't fold up and pack away...? Dress it up…

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19 December 2018

Just came across this photo!!!! Reminded me of sweet little Allie/Holly...  You just wait another 4-6 months and you'll know exactly why this pic is just too appropriate!!  

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3 December 2018

Say "Hi" to Cat & Ray, my BRAND NEW characters for my new book! Yes, I'm not done with book number #3. Yes, it was raining this morning when I…

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18 November 2018

I’m busy writing and these intense eyes caught my attention... only she’s not giving me the death-stare, (thank goodness!) but she’s staring at the fly sitting on me. She caught…

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6 November 2018

That feeling you get, after writing such an intense chapter and you're so paranoid you didn't save it properly, so you email it to yourself, twice! To different accounts, just…

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